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Thomas Moore



Angela Arteaga

LearningCoach/CommunityOutreachandLatino Services


Kimberly C-Schmidt

Learning Coach/Truancy Specialist


Ms. Kimberly

Hi my name is Mrs. Kimberly Clinton Schmidt.  I love and am inspired by unique students with all kinds of walks of life.  Talking with and mentoring student in a positive way is awesome.  I love seeing students setting goals and overcoming challenges and being successful.  Its great seeing students value their education, value themselves and build self-worth. 

I have two successful adult children in the work force, one child in middle school and one in high school- love seeing them enjoying their adventures.  I enjoy working with and riding horses.  I currently compete in Horse Ranch Versatility and Trail.

Mr. Moore

HI! My name is Thomas Moore and I teach classes like Jumpstart, Music Appreciation, Photography. In my free time, I enjoy all music, setting up sound systems and spending time with my son. I love my role at PDL and try to make class personal and practical so students have the tools to be successful in real world situations.