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Mr. Fred Burke
Mr. Burke
Science Teacher

Joining the PDL team with 5 years of teaching science in Pasco, WA.  Bringing a passion for enjoying the outdoors, scientific thinking, learning, utilizing technology, questioning the world around me, and growing into the human I was meant to be.   Exploring the Pierce county area, growing my skills as an educator, and building relationships fuel my drive toward being the change I want to see in the world.

Technology:  Microsoft Office, Adobe, Arduino Circuit playground express, Apple, Citizen Science Apps, Gizmos, Schoology, Edgenuity, TAC, Zoom, VR, AR, Computer science, Design

Hobbies: Birding, Walking the dog, Kayaking, Reading, Enjoying Coffee, Writing, Learning, Yoga, Photography, Camping, Cooking, Service, Biking, Gardening, Research, Investment, Music, Travel, Food

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