Mr. Skutt
I am teaching ELA classes up to grade 10 along with a few History courses and several electives at PDL. Prior to working here, I taught English, Social Studies, and other subjects elsewhere in Washington, in Texas, and in a few other countries. I enjoy working with students who are pursuing their studies online, and I'm eager to help in any way I can. In recent years I've specialized in online and technology-based education, and I'm proud to be part of a successful and growing program here at Puyallup Digital Learning.
I earned undergraduate degrees in Canada (U Calgary and U Prince Edward Island) before earning graduate degrees in the United States (Columbia and U Iowa). I am married and have five children.

School Hours: Mon 8:30 - 1:45; Tues - Fri 9:30 - 2:45
Telephone: 253-841-8630