We are


and ready to serve you via phone or email.
Due to school closure, no classes will be held in person; however, please continue to work on your classes at home!
Please call 253-841-8630 to enroll your child or to get answers to common questions about continuing your classes online.


PDL Office Building is open by appointment to our families. Please reach out to our Office Manager at TuckeSL@puyallup.k12.wa.us or 253-242-3239.


Puyallup Open Doors (POD) serves 16-21 year-old students who are behind in credits, returning to school after life difficulties, or seeking a GED . 

POD is designed to be a flexible learning environment where students attend the Puyallup Digital Learning (PDL) campus for three hour sessions, twice weekly during day or evening labs. Students may earn a Puyallup School District diploma, preparation for the GED tests or industry certificates.  
 If interested in enrolling, please call the Intake Coordinators (253-604-3198 or 253-604-3192) at Puyallup Digital Learning. After a phone orientation, you will receive the necessary paperwork to enroll via email. We require a verification of residency (in district proof of address). Once the enrollment pages are completed, the necessary steps for enrollment can take place.
*POD is open to out of district students at this time*

2020 Graduation is planned for June 12 at 5:30pm, Puyallup Fairgrounds