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Monitoring student progress

How can I monitor my student’s progress?

If your student is enrolled in one or more Edgenuity courses, you can have real-time access to his or her progress. Simply contact your child's counselor, and ask for a parent portal. They will add you to your student’s profile. This will generate an email from Edgenuity who will send a link directly  to you with your unique access code that is attached to your student.  This can take up to 24-48 hours.

Do you have more than one student enrolled at Puyallup Digital Learning? Each student has his or her own access code so you will need a separate account for each one. Edgenuity will send you separate emails with access codes for each student.

If your child is taking a course through schoology?  Make sure to sign-up for a parent schoology account. Call our front office for support with schoology.