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Staff Contact Information

 The Kessler Center Phone List:

Front Office   253-864-5700             
Enrollment Center  253-864-5713
Technology Issues   253-841-8600
Puyallup Digital Learning Staff List
Amanda Frank P4 - 6th Grade [email protected]
Angela Arteaga P4 - Kindergarten/First Grade [email protected]
Angelina Philip Math [email protected]
Annabelle Tsuneyoshi Assistant Director [email protected]
Brendan Chong Facilities [email protected]
Chris Valentine Math  [email protected]
Christine Keith P4 - 4th Grade [email protected]>
Marla Carbonell Special Education Para [email protected]
Dolorie Rawley Library Tech [email protected]
Dustin Evans ELA  [email protected]
Emmanuel Bofa PE [email protected]
Fred Baker Security [email protected]
Glenda Umipeg Intervention Para [email protected]
Heidi Fraser Attendance [email protected]
Isaiah Huey Social Studies  [email protected]
Jacki Carr P4 - 3rd Grade [email protected]
Jose Rivera Technology [email protected]
Katie Rosaaen Special Education Teacher  [email protected]
Kimberly Clinton  Engagement Specialist [email protected]
Kimberly Nowells Science   [email protected]
Kristen Kegley Data Processor [email protected]
Mala Apostle Art  [email protected]
Mariel Tovar Receptionist [email protected]
Mildred Sarita Spanish  [email protected]
Molly Hastings Special Education Teacher [email protected]
Nicole Cain Instructional Facilitator [email protected]
Nicole "Nicci" Wagner Nurse (Tuesday and Wednesday) [email protected]
Sandy Cash Enrollment & Compliance [email protected]
Sarah Al-Marri P4 - 1st Grade [email protected]
Shawn Rees Social Studies [email protected]
Stephanie Holubowski Science  [email protected]
Sue Tucker Office Manager [email protected]
Tamara Loucks Counselor (A-L) [email protected]
Tawana Bens Director [email protected]
Thomas Moore CTE [email protected]
Tiffany Richardson On Time Graduation Specialist [email protected]
Todd Dempewolf Counselor (M-Z) [email protected]
Wahkeyta Rogers P4 - 5th Grade [email protected]
Yolanda Sommers Nurse (Thursday) [email protected]