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Student Discipline

Puyallup Digital Learning and our Puyallup School District are committed to a safe and civil educational environment for all students, which is free harassment, intimidation, and bullying.

Your child’s safety and well-being is important. We are committed to:

• Teach/inform students: Students are given age-appropriate information about bullying, prevention strategies, and ways to identify and report bullying via their counselor, teacher, or administrator.

• PDL also has a district school display of information about how to report bullying which can be found in our waiting area or school website.

Staff training: Staff receives annual training on the District’s policy and procedures, including staff roles and responsibilities, how to monitor common areas.

• School Compliance Officer: PDL has a designated compliance officer to oversee the implementation of anti-harassment policies and procedures.

• PDL Compliance Officer: Ms. Tawana Bens, 253-864-5700, [email protected] 

How can you report bullying? You can report bullying to any school staff member or the District Compliance Officer.  Reports can be filed anonymously. Each school office has reporting forms. They are also available on the Puyallup Digital Learning Website and  Puyallup School District website

Important Updates to Student Discipline Policy

Significant changes to student discipline policy began with the passage of HB 1541 in 2016. The changes were made to close opportunity gaps for students, and address concerns that some groups of students are more likely to experience exclusionary discipline than others. The new laws clarify processes and ensure greater involvement of families. After a robust rulemaking process that took over two years, OSPI adopted the final student discipline rules that took effect in July of 2018 and the remaining rules will take effect July 1, 2019. This is the first time in over four decades updates have been made to the rules.

For more information on these changes see the document Discipline in Schools: A Parent Guide