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Mr. Willow Woods
Mr. Woods

Hi! I'm Mr. Woods, and I teach math here at PDL. This year, I am teaching hybrid and online geometry and financial math, along with supervising math and intro to coding online. Originally from Virginia, I moved to Washington four years ago to transfer to the Evergreen State College, and that is where I graduated from this past spring with my Master's in Teaching. My experience is with teaching math and computer science, and my favorite math topic would probably be statistics or algebra. In college I studied a lot of different things: art, biology, environmental science, and computer science to name a few, and one of my favorite things about math is that it exists in simply everything! My favorite things to do outside of teaching are reading and cooking, but I also enjoy any kind of making things---knitting, drawing, and coding are some of my favorites, and all utilize some form of math! I am excited to learn with you this year. Contact me at