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Elementary Tracks/Registration Forms


 Grades K-5
Track 1:  Live Teams Synchronous Learning (most closely aligns with current CL2.0) 
Track 2: Independent Video-Based Learning   
Track 3: Home Learning (P4, Family-ledTextbook based) 
Track 4:  Custom Learning (A combination of tracks customized to learner) 



Track 1 Team Live Synchronous Learning (most closely aligns with current CL2.0): 
Students on this track will have assigned days and times online via teams for live class sessions. Families choosing this track will be expected to assist and monitor their child.  Active participation is expected.  

Track 2: Independent Asynchronous  Learning  (Video  Based Learning)  

This track supports students who are independent, self-motivated, and learn best through video-based learning. The typical school walls and schedules do not bind students with this learning track. Families decide what time of day their children will engage with their learning. Activities are graded by a teacher who monitors assignments that are submitted. The guardian, or what we call Learning Coach, is the primary teacher ensuring student participation in each learning module. Learning Coach guidelines can be found on our program website.  

Track 3: Home Learning (P4, Family-led, Textbook based)

Parents/Guardians are the primary teacher, deciding when and how their child will be educated. Most similar to the current CDL 2.0 model, this track allows for flexibility while still having district oversite and accountability. This track is recommended for families who have the time and dedication to educate their children at home. Many families choosing this track will use district-adopted curriculum and supplemental curriculum. Families can choose to combine the learning tracks below to create a personalized learning plan for their children. 

Track 4:  Custom Learning (A combination of tracks customized to learner) 
Most families find value in more than one of these learning tracks for their children, including taking an elective course at their child's homeschools such as PE or Music. If you are interested in some of the other possibilities, please connect with our intake specialist at Puyallup Digital Learning.  



Once you preview the "Let's Get Started" video and read the material, please contact PDL's Intake Specialist
with any additional questions.
We are eager to help you get started.

PDL Phone number: 253-604-3192