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POA/P4 Junior High Tracks/Registration Forms


Track 1:  Live Teams Synchronous Learning (most closely aligns with current CL2.0) 

Students on this track will have assigned days and times online via teams for live class sessions. Classes can be accessed where the internet and a one-to-one device can be available for the student. Families choosing this track will assist and monitor their child, ensuring they have cameras on and participating in the online course. Classes are five days a week, 90 minutes long with plenty of breaks and activities. Core subject areas are taught two days a week. This track requires a Jumpstart course each semester. Students who qualify may opt to do a multi-track or building option with this learning track.  Sample schedule below. 

Track 2: Independent Video-Based Learning (Asynchronous Edgenuity) 
Students who are independent, self-motivated, and learn best through video-based learning have the option to participate in this learning track. The typical school walls and schedules do not bind the education for these students. Families decide what time of day their children will engage with their learning. Activities are graded by a teacher who monitors assignments that are submitted. More information about the Edgenuity program can be found on our POA website.  


Track 3:  Home Learning (P4, Family-led, Textbook based)

The guardian is the primary teacher at home, deciding when and how their child will be educated. This track allows for the most flexibility while still having the Puyallup School District oversite and accountability. This track is recommended for families who have the time and dedication to educate their children at home. Many families choosing this track will use our district-adopted curriculum or supplemental curriculum. Families can choose to combine the learning tracks below to create a personalized learning plan for their children.  

Track 4:  Hybrid Learning (In-person and asynchronous learning) 
Students who need that in-person attention from a classroom teacher for a core subject or elective course are encouraged to choose this track. Students take classes one to a few days a week for 60-90 minutes at the Kessler Center. Students on this track are required to take a Jumpstart course each semester. Students who qualify may opt to do a multi-track or building option with this learning track.  

Track 5:  Custom Learning (A combination of tracks customized to learner) 
Most families find value in more than one of these learning tracks for their children, including taking core or elective courses at their homeschool. If you are interested, please make sure to note this on your registration form.